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Hosts of High-Tech Customers:


A Host of Hi-Tech Customers

Customers with high-tech expertise in computers and websites of their own were researched for their hosting. Hosts with two or more of these knowledgeable customers were then listed in my main list, and here is one of these hosts.

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0–1%: Verizon

However, since Verizon Web Hosting no longer accepts new customers, consider Edgecast Content Delivery Network Service, part of Verizon Digital Media Services, part of Oath, part of Verizon.

Two of these high-tech customers use this host, Verizon, not counting the host possibly hosting itself.

The same information about Verizon is also in a single list of all of these hosts.


  • BestCompany, EdgeCast, as accessed

  • SolveDNS, EdgeCast, as accessed

Other Online Information

  • Verizon Web Hosting, Support: Applications, as accessed

  • (“This product is no longer available for new customers.”)
  • Verizon, Web Hosting FAQ, as accessed


You might not care in which nations your hosting provider has its servers. But if you do, Verizon said it has its Internet connections in the United States. That’s according to its website, as accessed . More locations are possible; if you’re concerned, ask Verizon.


The Verizon link URL was as accessed . The Edgecast link URL was as accessed , and .