Prying Stubborn Parts Apart

Sometimes, two parts can only be pried apart. You’ve already done everything else you’re supposed to do, they’re still together, and now you’re supposed to pry them apart.

Try using two tools at the same time. Perhaps two small flat-bladed screwdrivers will do. You could use just one and twist it, but that might mar the parts and they won’t look as neat, or, worse, they might become less functional. By using two tools, you can slowly, gently, push them in opposite directions.

Clumsy, yes. Two tools often need two hands, so where do you put the device? Maybe under an elbow, or between your knees, or on a table and pushing against something stationary. But sometimes there's no choice and you just do the best you can. And, when it's clumsy, minimize any danger and work slowly.

That might do it.