Subdomain Aliases For Your Domain:
A Quick Way to Grab a Little More TrafficSubdomain Aliases For Your Domain: A Quick Way to Grab a Little More Traffic

You can pick up a little more traffic by setting up your domain with a few subdomains, if you’re not using those subdomains for anything else. Depending on your hosting system, you can probably set them up as aliases.

You don’t need to create separate websites for these subdomains, unless you have a reason to. That means that once they’re set up you probably won’t have to do anything more, for years, except renew the domain they’re under. Having subdomains won’t change the cost of renewing that one domain.

  • Here’s a starting list:
  • — i.*.* (as in
  • — iphone.*.* (as in
  • — m.*.* (as in
  • — mobi.*.* (as in
  • — mobile.*.* (as in
  • — wap.*.* (as in
  • — ww.*.* (as in; this may be a common typing error, one that Firefox and Iceweasel mention in their browsers
  • — www.*.* (as in; there’s a debate whether the canonical name should be bare or with “www.” but, whichever you choose, the other one should also be set to bring visitors to your website (a bad example, no longer in effect, but what you should not do, was the difference between (which redirected to a different company’s website) and (which is Karl Rove’s website); the owner of both URLs being Karl Rove & Company, it appears that political consultant Karl Rove’s firm gave the other firm permission to use the bare domain, and so the owner was losing traffic because not everyone bothers to type “www.” into their browsers)
  • — wwww.*.* (four “w”s as in; this may be a common typing error

You might come across, or think up, more possibilities.